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The Forest Bathing Project

What exactly is forest bathing?

The term emerged in Japan in the 1980s as a physiological and psychological exercise called Shinrin-yoku. Shinrin Yoku [literally translated as taking in the ‘forest atmosphere’ or ‘forest bathing’] is a concept evolved as an ecotherapy or eco-antidote to address the damage of the tech-boom. It is a therapy that bridges the gap between humans and the natural world. Forest bathing does not involve actual bathing.

How to take a Forest Bath?

Think of a Forest Bath, not as an indulgence but as an activation of your senses. All our understanding of the physical world, permeate us through our five senses. A Forest Bath is about heightening our sensitivity of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, so that we are exposed to more nature and consequently more life.

It is about opening your body and mind to the shades and tints of green; listening in on the chirps of birds and rustling leaves; feeling a breeze and a bark against your skin or smelling the freshness in the air as you step into the forest.

Wandering through the trails in the forest, you’ll start unwinding the knots in your mind. Your body will inevitably find relaxation as you are exposed to phytoncides, airborne essential oils released by trees that provide a natural immunity boost. The health benefits of this phytoncide “shower” can last for weeks. In this deeply relaxed state, when the mind does not demand much from you, nature begins to work its magic on the body.

So, What can the Forest offer?

Well, Everything.
When you begin to optimize your body and your mind, you begin to do more, achieve more and live more. Multiple studies over the years have scientifically proven that Forest Bathing helps you do just that. We are thrilled about how reconnecting with forest can manifest some solid health benefits.
Research has shown that regular forest bathing can increase natural killer cells and anti-inflammatory action in the body while decreasing nervous system activity, cortisol levels, blood glucose levels, and heart rate. What this means for you, is:

  • Enhanced Mood
  • Creative Boost
  • Increased Immunity
  • Better Sleep Quality
  • Better Mental Health
  • Higher Concentration
  • Accelerated recovery from trauma
  • Reduced stress and blood pressure
  • And if that isn’t enough to change your life, you just cannot miss the sheer pleasure of getting out in the sun and walking on the grass. Throw in a snack, and we would say, it’s the best way to celebrate being alive!


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