TFB Project

Welcoming Forest Zone

Don’t stop me now!

We know changes can be difficult, so we are easing you into this. The Forest Bathing Project will welcome you with a Japanese theme gate that’ll mark a distinct beginning of transition for your mind. This is where, the forest takes you in and let’s you be a part of itself. Fret not! If the novelty of it all overwhelms you, put your feel up at our lush site office and let the greenery sink in. Indulge in refreshments and as we prepare to give you a tour of not just a new Project, but a new culture, and a new way of life!


Healing Forest Zone

Come on in, the Forest is calling!

The Forest Bathing Project is held together by this zone. At the healing forest zone, you’ll find a place to heal, to connect with the calm and to nestle in nature. We believe in feeling your healing, in meditating on it. So we have built natural looking pathways that don’t get in the way of your au natural mood.Delve into the density of the greens and sort out the grays in your mind, and don’t worry, the trees are always around if you need a hug! Write through your thoughts or sit with your feelings, this Healing Forest has all that you need.


Dense forest look | Natural looking Pathways | Bigger size trees | Forest walking | Tree hugging | Forest Talks


Creative Forest Zone

So bring on the rebels, the painters and poets!

Imagine your favorite couch in the middle of a forest; Now imagine you, cozying up on it. The Creative Forest Zone at TFB project has a lot in store for the creative minds. Surrounded by Bamboo and Palm Trees, you’ll find an oasis of inspiration here. Bougainville creepers to soar with you on your flight of imagination, warm ambient interiors to be the wind beneath your wings and a café for that coffee you can’t live without. Read, Write, Paint, Snack, Brood, Create and do it all over again for as long as you need. What’s more! Indulge in Bibliotherapy and cross milestones in your journey of healing.


Bamboo & Palm Trees | Bougenville creepers grown around artificially created structures | Big rocks (round, smooth) |Benches | Cupboards | Easel stands | Café


AromaTherapy Zone

Because, I am feeling good!

If indulgence is your way to unwind, we have discovered an organic clone for it! Did you know that molecules emerging from the trees, leaf litter and soil have healing properties? How can your healing be complete without TFB’s Aromatic forest then! Fragrances of the natural world change with seasons, some trigger old memories, some create new ones. Never before has self-work been so enticing. Put your feet up, breathe, and let the aromatic plants and trees take over your senses. We are sure, you’d want to share the experience with your young ones, so we got you covered with the perfect sit out space, that also doubles up as a slide for your child’s play and fun!   


Flowering Trees | Spice Trees | Aromatherapy Trees | Flowering shrubs & creepers


Acoustic Forest Zone

Please don’t stop the music!

Deep-dive into a Gong bath at TFB Project’s Acoustic Forest Zone. Not just your ears, your entire body will be left pampered, relaxed and open after a session. Gong baths are an ancient practice of letting the reverberation from the sound of the Gong, wash you over. They are known to reduce stress, depression, pain and anxiety. Lie comfortably with a pillow and a blanket under the shaded gazebo, close your eyes, let the breeze dance through your hair and kiss your cheeks, feel the ground coming up to meet your back, settle into your body and let the healing begin. Listen and breathe. That’s all there is to do. Just writing about it has the Zen effect on us, do you get us already!


Covered Meditation Deck | Shade giving dense trees | Speakers for sound


Sensory Forest Zone

I’ll cross the stream; I have a dream!

The ancient sciences continued to enthrall us, as we contrived the Sensory Forest. On the cobblestone pathway, the healing arts of acupressure and reflexology, work around the extremities of your feet stimulating certain points that are connected with your organs. Walking barefoot itself, gives your feet enough work out to make it healthier and we have added to it a bed of grass to it too! Stroll down the stream, barefoot, carefree, and let the pebbles and the plants work their healing wand!


Flowering Trees | Spice Trees | Aromatherapy Trees | Flowering shrubs & creepers

Kids Zone

Nest Themed Forest

Fly me to the tree!

Aren’t children always chirping? Well, we decided to build them nests. Away from the mass-produced toys, addictive gadgets and their daily routines, your kids will experience a forest adventure at TFB’s Kids Zone. Bring back the old-gold with hide and seek and running around games. Become a child, as you play with them, teach them to climb a tree and fulfill those long-due promises. And don’t forget to keep your ears open, for all the healing that happens within!

Co-Created Community

Orchard Forest Zone

What a wonderful world!

What better way of connecting with nature, than getting in touch with the soil. Put your hands in the earth and dig up the trapped tensions to release and reaffirm your hold on life. TFB Project’s Community Orchard Forest Zone, helps you literally sow the seed and bear the fruit. A co-created space, this Forest will be grown and owned by old and new friends. Don’t wish to get your hands dirty? Adopt a tree! Name it and see it grow into a healthy, happy and healing life!
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